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The Quick Change System of heimatec saves time and money!

Time Saving:

  • Through use of our special clamping screw, our easy-quick HT system offers comfortable handling. All adapters can be changed within seconds with the highest available precision.

  • The adapters can be changed by unclamping just one single bolt minimizing downtime.

  • The Tool remains in the machine eliminating time consuming adjustments.

Cost Saving:

  • Lower initial investments

  • Minimized Tooling time

  • Reduction of Tool quantity

  • Lower inventory costs


  • High degree of flexibility with extremely short setup time

  • Shortest gauge line of any system

  • Able to preset outside of machine tool

  • Coolant through capabilities standard

  • Exceptional repeatability - under .0002”

  • Easy handling produces low setup costs

Functional Features of easy-quick HT output:

Our quick change HT system is available in six different sizes:

HT 2  |  HT 3  |  HT 4  |  HT 5  |  HT 6  |  HT 7

Adapters are available with all common outputs as...

  • Collet outputs

  • Extended collet outputs

  • Collets with tension and expansion for tapping

  • Weldon

  • Extended collet chucks

  • Arbors

  • Hydro chucks

  • Indexable insert holders

  • Shrink Fit

  • Blanks, Plugs


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