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  • 03/18/2015  Industry Machinery Digest

    Heimatec, a world leader in live tools, angle and multi-spindle drill heads, announces immediate availability of its newest development, a coolant-thru feature on all the company’s current line items. 

    Coolant-thru technology is often the answer for faster, cleaner cutting on larger and deeper parts, where the chips and excess heat build-up are significant challenges. Heimatec now offers high-pressure coolant-thru designs up to 1000 psi on straight and 2000 psi on angle... more

  • 05/12/2014  

    Heimatec is one of the premier manufacturers of live tools, angle heads, speed multipliers and multi-spindle drill heads. Headquartered in Germany and imported into the US by Heimatec Inc. located in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

    This spring we are expanding our Chicago area sales, service and distribution to North American Customers. Our new 2,100 sq. ft. facility boasts extensive heimatec built live and static tools available for the most popular CNC machines on todays’ market... more

  • 05/12/2014  Article From: 3/20/2014 Modern Machine Shop, Steve Kline, Jr., Director of Market Intelligence from Gardner Business Media

    As an indicator of the health of manufacturing in a country, a growing market for machine tools is a positive sign. For this reason, we should be heartened by the prediction that U.S. consumption of machine tools will grow 15 percent in 2014. This level of investment is clear evidence that American manufacturing is undergoing a resurgence.

    Let’s start looking at the numbers, as reported in the 2014 World Machine Tool Output and Consumption Survey. Data for this report comes... more

  • 05/12/2014  Modern Machine Shop, Edited by: Emily Probst, Associate Editor

    As the competitive nature within a market increases, so does the need for increased productivity and throughput by handling the parts less. One way to meet this need is to accomplish more operations in one setup. Gurecky Manufacturing Services Inc. of Rosenberg, Texas, decided to enhance its manufacturing operations by purchasing a machine that could act as a regular CNC lathe and machine helical gears at the same time. However, a custom hobbing tool from Heimatec Inc. (Prospect Heights,... more

  • 04/05/2014  
    BMT Tooling Now in Stock From Heimatec

    Heimatec, a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads, today announces immediate availability of BMT (Base Mount Tooling) standard products from inventory at its Chicago-area headquarters for the North American market.

    In addition to standard X and Z axis tools, styles such as adjustable tools, speed increasers and internal coolant tools with capabilities to 140 bar (2000 PSI) are now available in an assortment of standard BMT tooling types, including BMT... more

  • 03/25/2014

    Oil field equipment manufacturer, PMC-Colinet has awarded a contract to Heimatec for designing a special 90° angle head (16″ length) that efficiently cuts the keyway in PMC’s high precision cutting tool heads composed of Nitralloy. The new angle head could save up to 184 hours on a single tool head.

    PMC-Colinet did an assessment on this challenging job, which involved cutting keyways into large sections on a high-precision cutting tool head made of Nitralloy. For many... more

  • 02/17/2014  Tooling & Production

    PMC-Colinet has been a supplier in the global pipe and tube market for machinery, tooling, and parts for over a hundred years. But they're still working hard to improve their operation. With the recent help of a customized angle head from Heimatec, they discovered a way to streamline the process for cutting the keyway in a high-precision cutting tool head.

    PMC-Colinet has a long... more

  • 01/01/2014  By Kip Hanson, Cutting Tool Engineering

    Where 2-axis CNC lathes were once top dog in most turning departments, mill/turn centers now lead the pack.

    With the ability to drill cross-holes, mill complex shapes and sculpt multidimensional surfaces on turned workpieces, CNC lathes with driven, or live, tools are making a big impact on the bottom line of many machine shops, with a commensurate improvement in part quality and delivery time. Despite this obvious benefit, however, driven tools carry the burden of additional tooling... more

  • 08/31/2013  

    Designed for heavy milling, deep drilling and tapping operations often found in the off-highway, energy, rail and other heavy-duty industries, this new Heimatec line of angle heads features twin or double twin sets of matched angular contact bearings plus a rear radial support bearing, ensuring maximum stability in use.

    All the gears on these angle heads have inclined teeth made from high-resistance gear steel and have been specially hardened, ground and lapped in sets to provide... more

  • 01/10/2013  Canadian Metalworking

    Heimatec, a producer of live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads, has announced their newest development – a line of 1:4 live tool speed multipliers in 24,000 RPM max. styles.

    The multipliers are available for all popular live tool lathes currently on the market.

    These speed multipliers are provided as axial or radial drilling and milling heads, with either external or internal coolant design, and mounting configurations to suit virtually any machine tool... more

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