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u-tec® system

Forget everything you knew about quick change systems. Now there is u-tec - the new dimension in machining!
Be assured: With the introduction of u-tec in the market a new era is dawning.

Our engineers have successfully created a quick change system that is so universal and economical, it´s hard to believe.
Do not try to compare u-tec with any known systems. You will fail!

Instead, just enjoy the benefits of this unrivalled ingenious system:

  • Extremly high power transmission by polygonal drive
  • Use of u-tec with collet nuts, with internal and external threads
  • Enormous saving potential for tooling, because with all standard heimatec holders standard collets or u-tec adapters can be used
  • All u-tec adapters can be clamped with standard collet nuts
  • Very high cost savings during operation by a minimum set up time

That still is not enough for us ! Because all this should not go to the disadvantage of the high standard and comfort, you are used to from heimatec tools.

Therefore as usual:
  • Very short and compact tool length
  • Extremely high bearing rigidity
  • High pressure internal coolant up to 140 bar (2000 PSI)
u-tec technology:


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